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At the CAB, we believe it is important for pupils to be active in their learning process.

Our teaching methods are based on the theories of pedagogues such as Freinet, Decroly.

For more information on the teaching and learning methods:

Download the establishment project ( Kindergarten)

Download the establishement project ( Primary)

From Kindergarten to Primary

In the kindergarten classes, the teachers of the very young focus mainly on learning through play. In this way, the children discover that learning is also a pleasure. New ideas are introduced in the classroom through environmental experiences, as well as experimenting using the five senses.

With the basis of these positive experiences, the primary pupils find it easy to analyse and understand new concepts from objects and documents. The pupils follow the National Curriculum and are frequently encouraged to research, write articles, give presentation of acquired knowledge, create and design scale models. These original contributions allow greater knowledge assimilation.

Small class sizes and a personalised approach

Our small structure, small teaching groups, a climate of trust and continuity from one class to another favour this autonomy.

The number of students at CAB is limited and work is carried out most of the time in small groups of ten to twelve. This allows the teachers to follow the rhythm of each child.

Reading and writing begin in the 'Grande Section' (final year) of Kindergarten, if the child is ready. If not ready, then the child pursues his or her learning experiences while the teacher judges the right moment to start.


Through these methods, a child’s independence is developed in all the classes. The children learn from a very early age to organise their work themselves.

Every day, a 45 minute period is devoted to the 'Plan of the Week', from CP (Kindergarten) onwards. This Plan comprises a set of exercises in French and Maths; the pupils themselves must organise their own time and work. The Plan is completed by personal work at home, and encourages memory (poetry), logic (maths), and research in French (with the help of dictionaries and various documents). Oral presentations, both individual and collective, promote other types of research (based on fieldwork or library work) and reinforce self-confidence, at the same time as teaching the pupil to collaborate with other children.


Weekly work-shops allow the children to develop their creative skills and their abilities to research and invent: Each term, they take part in theatre, drawing, music, pottery and sewing sessions. The older students study applied geography and carry out scientific experiments.

We welcome outside speakers who are often parents to share with the pupils their experiences or their professional activities in these workshops. From the earliest age, the children are used to working and speaking with various teachers, which creates open minds and a capacity to adapt.

Listening and Engaging

All the pupils are encouraged to contribute their ideas within the group. Reciprocal listening is an important element. Time to speak is encouraged by daily collective discussion; in the kindergarten “show and tell” and the “surprise box” and “what’s new” in the primary school, as well as individual teacher to pupil contact.

By utilising these active teaching methods, the CAB aims to contribute to the children’s thriving development and allow them to maintain a curiosity and eagerness for learning throughout the rest of their life.


48, boulevard Orloff - 77300 FONTAINEBLEAU