January Newsletter

January Newsletter

The word is out ! More great things are happening at the CAB.
We just enjoyed a full article about our engaging and active approaches to learning in the local newspaper,
La Republique. In addition, our Open House this past weekend was an absolute—full house—success.
Thanks to the greater CAB team: our dynamic teachers, devoted PTA members for cookies, coffee, mini crêpes
and parent enthusiasm, without forgetting our committed Board and CA-who all welcomed prospective families
to the school. Interest is high! With our new website running strong, attendance at the Open House was up 30%
this year.  Enrollment for next year is more than promising. 

We look forward to offering vacation camps in for the first week of winter holiday. Our fun-filled, language-
intensive day camp led by experienced teachers will feature cultural discovery, arts and science, ecology,
cooking, music, creative writing, literary circle, games and more.
Based upon enrollment, we’ll offer English as well as French and German camps with the possibility of
Spanish cultural discovery too. Learning at the CAB is as authentic, hands-on, engaging and dynamic as ever.
Go check out our blog.

There, we celebrate the donation of a handsome grand piano. In addition, articles share how students in
elementary are enjoying dance and movement classes. In Nursery – Toute Petite Section our little yogis are
delighting in yoga class. We’re preparing for space and universe-inspired carnival.
Science lessons in kindergarten are a stimulating context for our kids to pay attention to the magic and
mystery of the world around us. Students have delighted in assembly – a moment to ritualize sharing,
empower communication, promote dialogue, present class news and projects. We are currently enjoying
an experiment of weeklong intensive lessons at school with a fully bilingual half-day in English and half-day
in French in first grade. We definitely anticipate more innovative and creative opportunities of this kind.

Stay posted for more good news at the CAB.

Cozy winter regards,

Molly Lou


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