February Newsletter

February Newsletter

Dearest parents, teachers, CAB community members,

We just completed our first intensive February English language camp for the whole child. It was an absolute success. With 20 students enrolled from the CAB, and other local public and private schools, from nursery to fifth grade (moyenne section to CM2), our days were dynamic, engaging and full! Jonathan, Katharina (our teacher in training) and I modelled a healthy, peaceful ecosystem. We benefitted from the concept of interconnectedness. We started with daily yoga in English, followed by a series of healthy routines: art, music, reading / writing, speaking, play, outdoor adventure, games, storytelling, singing, cooking, kind decision making, collaboration, cooperation. We offered the children tools and learning contexts to building constructive relationships and trust. It was amazingly joyful and calm and, of course, a lot of fun thanks to our team! Let me also take this moment to express gratitude to the team that has grown from within and seeks to work toward this general school-wide goal.

In this same spirit of shared knowledge building and community, bilingual elementary assemblies shine on. There we celebrate music, singing, holidays, birthdays (the story of magic stones!), class learning projects and school-wide endeavours. Our latest assembly highlighted carnival with kids dressed up in crazy space costumes. We had our usual student bilingual translator and spirits were high.

We expressed sincere thanks to Kelly Robic for her hard work at the school as well as our best wishes as she moves on to work for another educational project in the region. We warmly welcome Jonathan Hartley who joins the team with an elementary focus in English and language learning as well as talents as a class teacher with a passion for sports and math.

Elementary classes are excited about preparations for our annual class trips to Cocico Circus Arts Community camp for the 1st through 2nd grade and to Normandy in late spring-summer with the multilevel 3rd-5th grade and kindergarteners. More engaged, hands-on, child centered learning activities await us!

Teachers – educators are lifelong learners too. Our staff will benefit this spring from team-building and positive discipline workshop trainings during the Month of March.

Plans for our new school playground are also advancing. This includes safe and ecological playground equipment.

As important as all good news, 2019-20 enrollment and re-enrollment remain strong! Our classes are either full or filling up rapidly as we are working down the wait list for next year’s inscriptions. Warm thanks to our teachers as, in the spirit of continuous improvement, we work toward to nurturing a strong and sustainable ecosystem at our non-profit organization. Spring is coming! It’s time to plant some flowers at the CAB.

Sunny regards,

Molly Lou 

Head of School


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