Arts & creativity

We strongly value creativity at CAB. The arts—singing, painting, drawing, writing and poetry, theatre and drama projects—are at the heart of our vision. We cultivate imaginative skills, self-expression, collaboration, cooperation and problem-solving through a range of approaches, authentic lessons, and sharing opportunities at our school.

The Value of Creativity

At The CAB we value the importance of creativity as essential to the evolution of children’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. Encouraging children to try out new things and ideas helps them grow holistically. Creativity promotes the ability to problem-solve, innovate, and explore new and unfamiliar areas. Arts and crafts activities are ways for children to encourage movement, develop fine motor skills, control and coordination. Younger kids can use various arts and tools to express their thoughts they are not yet able to share verbally: creative activities can help children release their feeling by putting them on a specific piece of artwork. Such activities also let children feel proud of their achievements and get mastery of the environment. Using their imagination, kids gain confidence in their capacities and raise self-esteem. Creative approaches and activities helps learners to consider alternatives, analyze them and decide how to apply them in the appropriate context. Being together in a creative environment, children learn to share and interact with each other. Singing, dancing, recitation of literary texts and drama promote development of indispensable social skills, such as communication, sympathy and respect.These are basic aspects of social learning. Creativity is the hallmark of ingenuity, which leads to successes in the world of art, science, and technology. Children who are encouraged to think creatively have higher self-esteem and motivation.


Regular small group music classes with a vocal focus offer students the opportunity to practice a repertoire of songs. Children discover their voice, explore sound, and learn to express themselves in musical terms and language. By encouraging students to express their imagination and sensitivity, music lessons explore the oral tradition through rehearsals of a piece of musical theatre.
We playfully approach rhythm, intensity, tempo, scale, interpretation and improvisation. At the end of the school year, we present our musical to the parents. Our show valorizes the children’s voices. It’s a wonderful and festive opportunity to share and celebrate our learning.


Regular drama lessons and classes as well as all-school theater and declamation projects promotes imagination and speaking skills.
Theater encourages dialogue, develops audience awareness, voice projection, flow, intonation, posture and eye contact. Theater at The CAB is a wonderful way to develop confidence and creativity.


Arts at glance

  • Theatre projects across the grades
  • Singing, choir and musical discovery activities
  • Regular art workshops
  • Artothèque