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School library

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A Goal for 2018-19

Acquiring the complete Geronimo Stilton book series in English

At CAB, we seek to encourage children to read, to develop strong reading skills as well as to transmit to youth a sincere love of books. We have a fabulous library run by PTA parents every Wednesday morning. Last year, thanks to the profits raised during Fun Day, we were able to buy 100 new books in French for the school library.

This year, we seek to acquire the complete Geronimo Stilton Collection in English: a playful, well written, vocabulary-rich series that kids love.

Therefore, we seek to raise funds, whether through your donations or the money raised during the various actions organized by the PTA, for the purchase of this great collection. Huge thanks for your support!…

Why the Geronimo Stilton series?

Geronimo Stilton is a reading series for 8 to 12 year olds. Geronimo Stilton, the main character, is a mouse and editor of The Rodent Gazette. His true passion, however, is writing books. Children love the way Geronimo and his sister often embark on fantastic world and even time travel adventures!The series offers a creative, joyful, and authentic approach to reading as well as an inspired reflection on writing.

Form and content come together; vivid color illustrations and playful typography present new vocabulary. The writing is dynamic, well paced and allows a perfect next reading step for children who might be intimidated by chapter books.

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