Project ‘Everyone outside!’

Project ‘Everyone outside!’

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Our school association is launching its crowdfunding campaign intended to implement our project ‘Everyone outside!’ to reconnect children to Nature. This will include creating an outdoor classroom that will allow children to learn outside, thus limiting health risks while improving their concentration. Our goal is to make it a wonderful tool to decrease their stress levels, stimulate their self-discipline, but also to promote their motivation, their pleasure and their commitment as responsible citizens.

But that’s not all!
We plan to allow children to acquire new knowledge through regular courses with an expert in biodiversity, forests and vegetable gardens, as well as to create a green wall offering each child at CAB to have their own plant to pamper.
Finally, in the long term, we plan to participate in the planting of trees in our playground but also in the surrounding forests that require it. Thus, we will continue the actions that have been undertaken for almost 50 years. Since its creation, the Centre Actif Bilingue has promoted the values of respect, cultural and individual tolerance, open-mindedness, active learning and bilingualism. Today even more than before, we value and respect Nature, which is urgent to preserve.

To start this fundraising campaign, we invite you – our parents and children — to participate in a fun and visible way for all.
You can hence choose to fund:
– One or more slats from the floor of the future outdoor class (30€ per slat)

– One or more plants from the future green wall (30€ per plant)
– A tree (50€ per tree)
For each purchase, your child’s first and last name will be pyrographed on the slats or they will be drawn, sewn, or knitted on the pockets of the plants or around the trees! That way, each family who wishes to do so, will be permanently associated with our “Everyone Outside” Project.
Thanks to this crowdfunding effort on the Blue Bees platform, we are linking children and parents with a wider audience and we are creating a connection with a greater network of participants who are dedicated to eco-citizenship and Nature protection in order to innovate in our educational approach.

Please spread the word! We can’t thank you enough!
More informations & donations on Bluebees website!

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