Garden project – An outdoor classroom !

Garden project – An outdoor classroom !

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Now that the school yard has been completely renovated and regreened (creation of mounds, planting of trees, flowers, restoration of the pond etc.), our goal for the year 2021 is to complete the development of the garden by creating an outdoor classroom on what we call “the black forest”.

This outdoor space will be used by all classes in rotation. Our wish is to have a place used from early spring to take the children out of the classrooms and teach them differently and “learn from nature”. Several studies show that time spent in nature has a very largely positive impact on concentration, academic performance, educational success and especially the well-being of children. Nature would also offer a calmer, safer (in these times of COVID), more diversified learning environment, inviting constantly renewed and respectful discoveries. Finally, it would promote pedagogical innovation, warmer and more cooperative relationships between pupils and more creative and exploratory forms of play, which would be beneficial for children’s development.

To create such a space we need to build a wooden deck, do some masonry work to secure the adjoining wall which is far too low and fix a painting.
The necessary budget is 4500€.

Thank you in advance for all the help you will be able to bring to this meaningful project for future generations and the world we have to invent.

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