Elementary school

We follow the French national educational curriculum at the elementary school level, promoting self-driven, active learning approaches and a skills-based focus.
We nurture student diversity.
We encourage students to discover, to experiment, to work independently and collectively, to inquire, to seek knowledge and information and to communicate effectively.
We teach solid British and American language learning methods for linguistic development and we offer a French immersion course to non-francophone students at the elementary level.

We promote success and self-confidence by cultivating in children their individual potential.

Elementary School Quick Facts

  • 100% admissions to secondary school
  • Class size of 22
  • Small-group afternoon activities
  • Before and after-school daycare option
  • 5 + hours of weekly English 
  • Yoga and Physical Education
  • Self-driven and cooperative learning opportunities
  • Yearly Class Trips

Multi-level Classrooms

We offer an exciting and stimulating context of mixed-aged group classes in our elementary school. Multi-level groupings promote motivation, differentiated goals and empower children to work and progress at their own level and according to their personal motivation.  One of the pillars of the cooperative classroom is that children have the opportunity to learn autonomously as well as learn by helping one another. Students set individual goals, work toward goals, cooperate and share their confidence, curiosity and knowledge.