Holiday Courses

Next courses : February 12 to 16, 2024


Moyenne section > CM2

Fun in English ! Oral practice of English through nursery rhymes, games, rituals, motor skills, culinary workshops, creative and artistic manipulations.

Registrations :
Contact :
info(at) / 01 64 22 13 40

Fees : 290 € for CAB pupils
+18 € for external pupil ( membership fees)


CP > CM2

Learn Chinese through cultural activities.
In keeping with our commitment to thematic and immersive language learning, Hihilulu Atelier® is proud to present an immersive Chinese workshop for the vacations! It’s a thematic introduction to the Chinese language, culture, traditional crafts and interactive games. Let’s encourage children to learn Chinese while having fun!

Informations / Registrations :
Contact : atelier(at) / Mme Chen 06 28 46 41 12
Fees :
318 €

Hours of language courses : 10 am to 4 pm with a lunch box (provided by parents)

Creative writing
& calligraphy

CE2 > CM2

Five mornings to…
> awaken the senses and imagination
> open up areas for creativity
> cultivate a taste for beauty
> have fun
> gain confidence in their writing skills.

External calligraphy teacher for two mornings

Information and registration :
Nancy Leclerc / nancy.ateliers(at)
French teacher for lower and upper secondary schools, teacher in multi-level classes in elementary schools, perceptive pedagogue trained in Pedagogy of Expressivity.
Fees : 140 €
Hours : 9 am to 12 pm


Grande section > CM2

This workshop aims at discovering music and the pleasure of singing through singing and body feeling. The children will sing the Musical Tale ” Le chat Botté ” and will offer to the parents a mini-concert
at the end of the workshop.
The children will participate in the following workshops spread over 5 days:
> Vocal technique
> Body awakening and relaxation
> Body percussion
> Improvisation
> Listening

Information : jeanneservent(at)
Fees :
275 €
10am to 4pm with lunch box (provided by parents)