Holiday Courses

Open to external pupils !

Every first week of school vacations (except Christmas )
5 days from 10 am to 4pm with a lunch box (provided by parents)


English for the little ones  *

Oral practice of English through nursery rhymes, games, rituals, motor skills, culinary workshops, creative and artistic manipulations.


Fun in English ! *

According to the defined theme and the period of the year, practice oral English and discover a world, an animal, a current issue, an invention, a historical period, a country through creative, playful and artistic activities…

and also for the 


Visual arts and discovery of Japan! *

Awareness of art history, artistic expression, teaching the basics of drawing, sculpture, engraving…

Discovery of Japan by practicing all kinds of playful activities: Japanese songs and poems, discovery of landscapes and main cities, culinary specialties, games practiced in schools, origami, vocabulary basics, introduction to writing … etc…


MAGIC MAKERS / Computers

INTERNSHIPS organized online during the autumn vacations of 2020!
Half day from 10am à 12pm or/and de 2pm à 4pm

Computer coding: Discover the great fields of the digital world, create your video games with Scratch, build connected objects in Lego.
Registration here !

 * CAB Holiday Courses

Informations : 01 64 22 13 40