Learning languages

Children attending our school come
from over 20 countries and a range of cultural backgrounds and a spectrum of language profiles. Our fundamental linguistic aim is to encourage children to develop their language skills to their fullest potential in a stimulating and international environment. Children do not need to already speak English,
French or both to attend our school.

Language Learning at a glance

  • All of our language teachers are native speakers.
  • Elementary students have 5 + hours of language learning / week.
  • Grammar, Reading, Oral Skills, Writing Skills, Confidence building activities.
  • We offer small class groups.
  • We proudly feature an extensive and growing English library.
  • Pen Pals and England trips for students in the upper elementary.
  • FLS: We offer French as a second language for non-French speakers.  

Learning English & German

Our English language program is for both native English speakers and non-Anglophone students. At the nursery level, students engage in  theme-based language lessons at least 4 times per week. Children in kindergarten benefit from 2 additional afternoon language lessons per week. These lessons with English native language teachers have an oral focus. Benefitting from methods of discovery, recognition and repetition, we learn in authentic situations through play, singing, reading, dance, drama (puppets and masks), arts and crafts, games, library sessions, nature and cultural outings and regular, comforting routines.
At the primary level, students learn and progress in English according to their level. All students learn grammar and spelling fundamentals as well as reading comprehension and analysis using the British Oxford series. We engage in literature study, benefit from weekly reading assignments as well as regular writing projects that build concept knowledge, skills, knowledge, creativity and confidence. All of our English teachers are native speakers from the UK, the United States and other English native-speaking countries.

Learning French

In addition to our solid, comprehensive learning program in French at all levels, all new non-French speakers at the elementary level have four hours of French as a Second Language (FLS) per week. Our school is reputable for offering a unique and much-appreciated stepping-stone program for international children to adapt to the rigors and depth of French educational standards while being offered the care and attention to develop knowledge, skills and self-assurance. Small group, French lessons are taught by a French native speaker. Our aim is to develop student confidence and fluency with integration into our full program of French classes. We also benefit from an extensive French library at school.