Meet The Team

The CAB prides itself as a community built by invested parent volunteers, a growing staff of devoted professional educators, a parent board of directors and a dynamic onsite leadership team. Our model of governance brings together engagement and expertise.

We actively involve our parents in our non-profit association as board of director members, advisory board members, administrative commission, and PTA members. The board governs the financial and major decisions of our non-profit association.

Leadership Team

Our model of governance embraces engagement and expertise through dynamic parent board member involvement. As importantly is our objective to grow a strong onsite team of educators. In effort to strengthen and professionalize our mission and vision, the board recruited a Head of School in 2018.

The Head of School oversees school operations, manages the 30 staff-member team, supervises the learning program, leads communication and development, and assures budget stability with the board. Together we shall work to develop a strategic plan shaped and adopted by all stakeholders.

Director, Amélie Mabille

Amélie Mabille was a school teacher for more than fifteen years before joining the CAB where she actively participated in the setting up of the two multi-level classes in elementary school, classes with a very specific functioning.
Today she is the director of the school and works with all those involved in the school (the teachers, the catering team and the parents) to develop it in accordance with 3 main objectives: benevolence, innovative and inclusive teaching methods and finally the mastery of English.
Passionate about pedagogy and with her experience as a teacher, she is committed to offering each child the opportunity to develop in a caring environment open to the world.
Her Leitmotiv : ‘Giving or restoring self-confidence is the cornerstone of a successful education’.

Administrative Director, Christine Huppenoire

A French state certified elementary teacher from the Paris region and mother of three, Christine Huppenoire has long served the CAB as both teacher and director. She commenced working at The Centre Actif Bilingue over 20 years ago, was trained by the school’s founder, Danielle LeMaire, and has solid experience in administration. Christine led the creation of the elementary section. She is dedicated to team building, international education and promoting our safe, caring, international learning environment. 

Board of Directors

We actively involve our parent community in our non-profit association. School parents serve as board members or administrative commission members. Our board and advisory board members have fixed term mandates. The board governs the financial and major operating decisions of the non-profit association.

Title Name
Board President (since 2019- re-elected in 2020 & 2021) Laurent Dutertre
Board Vice-President (elected in 2021) Nawal Levy-Provençal
Board Secretary (elected in 2021) Bruno Maestracci
Board Treasurer ( Elected in 2020 – re-elected in 2021) Kevin Fender
Board Vice-Treasurer (Elected in 2021) Dimitri Bandini
Honorary member elected in 2020
 Philippe Schwab