Nature & us

One of the many challenges our children will face as adults is how to live in a fragile and very precious environment. That is why we at the CAB have chosen to place a number of our priorities on nature and cooperation.

Through various experiences in nature, we have noticed that being outdoors makes children feel good, but also make them :

  • have confidence in themselves
  • gain self-reliance and creativity
  • be less stressed and find serenity
  • reveal  identified skills behind a desk

Children develop a taste for cooperation with others and a strong empathy for biodiversity and planet Earth.

With this in mind, we want to be involved in
in all projects that will enable our pupils to :

  • become aware of the fragility of their environment
  • to acquire the intellectual means to design and build tools that will adapt tomorrow’s life to the environment.
  • develop the skills of trust and solidarity needed to meet this global challenge

What we are doing each year !

  • Our participation in the world clean up day
  • Maintenance and use of compost from the school’s catering waste
  • Planting & growing in the vegetable garden
  • Use of the outdoor classroom
  • Maintenance of the pond
  • Studying and maintaining the biodiversity present in the green areas of the courtyard
  • Extracurricular activities on the theme of sustainable cities of the future