Well-being & Health

Our pupils benefit from at least one hour of weekly multi-sport physical education lessons, three daily periods of outdoor recreation and often enjoy supervised nature play in the neighboring Fontainebleau Forest. Moments of relaxation for all children are part of our established curriculum.  These moments  seek to instill in our children the life skills of stress-management, cooperation and relaxation.


Our vision of a balanced physical and mental development of the child revolves around dedicated moments during which exercises of concentration, cooperation, flexibility, coordination and relaxation are proposed to the pupils, adapted to their age. These skills, taught for many years at the CAB by a yoga teacher, have proven their effectiveness with all the children. Based on this experience in the classroom, the teachers accompany the children during these weekly and/or daily workshops and offer them the opportunity to reduce their stress, develop their awareness of their body awareness and their self-confidence.

Physical Education

Weekly physical education at The CAB is important in helping students develop life habits of healthy active people. Physical education gives children the opportunity to be active through early exposure to team sports, physical fitness, cooperation,collaboration and healthy risk-taking. Physical education promotes healthy exercise and team building. Children who participate in physical education get a workout, learn about sport and well-being and improve their interpersonal skills by also increasing their own levels of motivation and pride in what they do. Success through teamwork is key.

Our Cafeteria promotes healthy food habits

Our cafeteria meals are freshly prepared in our region, feature local ingredients, traditional and more exotic choices and always provide for veggie and non-pork options. Our regularly changing menu choices offer kid-favorites, culinary creations, organic ingredients, sustainable agriculture recipes and are always carefully elaborated by certified nutritionists.