December Newsletter

December Newsletter

As the holiday season approaches and we all anticipate a well-deserved vacation, we wrap up 2018 at the CAB with a spirit of merriment and sincere joy in our numerous successes. Our holiday book and Christmas fair was a tremendous achievement. With kids and parents more and more thrilled about sharing books and reading, we raised over 950 euros in sales and in book donations for our English library and the Geronimo Stilton collection.  And with fabulous family participation in the regional Resto du Coeur food drive, we invite you to look forward to reading about our contribution in the regional newspaper, le République.

Efforts are well in place to structure and develop our English program and our active learning programs are also thriving. We anticipate new student enrollment at the new year as well the re-initation of intensive vacation language camps in February, in April and during the summer holiday. We additionally look forward to proposing an mixed-age group Intensive English option in nursery on Wednesday mornings from 8:30 to 11:30. An English Intensive offering on Wednesday afternoons for all levels is also in consideration. Please spread the word beyond CAB and reach out to us at the school office if you’re interested.

In addition, we continue to make advancements in our infrastructure and campus vision. In the new year, we look forward to presenting to our community the evolving plans for our school garden and playground project anticipated for summer 2019.  

I’m also overjoyed to finally invite you to discover this, our long awaited all-new website celebrating the story of CAB. Happy holidays and cozy cheer to all our families and children!

warmest wishes,

Molly Lou Freeman, Head of School


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